paintingsbypaula paintingsbypaula An Interesting Point of View this painting is the head of an eagle , his eye watching , his thoughts of the changes, Deep in thought he is the watcher. Sold 57432844 Cell Development this painting is an artistic intrepretation of the Cell it resembles the universe, extending , and the uniquesness of genetic composition. Sold 57432845 Creative Horse A small statue of a Japaneze horse was used as a model for this painting , hence the proportion are slightly incorrect, the painting is to represent the Personality, spirit, Muscles , Blood Line, Power and free spirit of the horse. Sold 57432846 Dragon (first) this was one of my first DRagons, Hard and soft eye, the strong lines and the delicate , what is ugly is beautiful , Unfortunately this painting was destroyed in a flood. 57432847 Dream Catcher The dream catcher stops the bad spirits and only lets the good spirits in , the pattern in the dream catcher is a collage of the events in the dream catcher. Sold 57432848 Elephant A baby elephant, "Dumbo" by Walt Disney was one of my favorite movies as a child , my baby elephant does not have the large ears Dumbo had. His colors are soft he is almost cartoon like. Still Available 57432849 Emotions The Emotions are mine, what I feel , my passion , the line thru the figure represents suspension in time. the circle is the representation of my hands being the tool/toy of my expression. Sold 57432850 Lake Moods Lake Ontario, many times I walked along the cliffs of Lake Ontario in Oshawa with my Dogs, the waves were always there different, brilliant , forgiving and deep. Sold 57432851 Soaring Waves of Lake Ontario, Most Expressive in the Wind, Imagined myself in flight over clear water, How simply beautiful watching the flight of the Seagulls over the water. Sold 57432852 Soaring II (Too) this Painting , Strength, Survival , being alone, Being Aware, and knowing who you are. One of my Favorites. Sold 57432853 The Waterdance Waves are most beautiful when they are in full force, Lake Ontario Influenced, they were most interesting to watch when pieces of ice were carried with them . A Love, he is with me in Flight. Sold 57432854 Undaunted Playful the Youthful Dragon, the toy the world, he is intelligent , he brilliant , Inviting yet dangerous. One of my Favorites. Sold 57432855 From the Sea Time, If we evolved from the Sea, Life in Sea, 57432856 Metafore this Dragon , a metafore, a verb description / Creature, It was looking at me. 57432857 Snow Eagle the Sbow Eagle passing over a tree, Sold 57432858 The Dream In the center, the body , floating a dream suspended, but it is more than a dream it is being in touch with the other side. Sold 57432859 Ghost in the Doorway This is the Ghost of my Grandmother, her visits to me. One day I saw her. <BR>Available 57432860 Metal Fusion the reaction of chemicals and melted metals artistically appealing . Sold 57432861 The Circus Life is a Circus, we know , each day challenges, and strange things that happen. Sold 57432862 My Imaginary Friend This painting is about the Past Present and Future, An imaginary friend that is so real , this painting has alife of it's own. Many hours were spent with this , not only with the tiny brush only a couple of bristles and fine drawing pen, but also staring at it and sensing the energy it projects and portrays. This photo has been downsized for the internet, it is much more detailed, and the photo does not show the true colors and use of gold and silver ink. It is currently for Sale, but planned to be entered in Juried art shows, Interested in purchasing? Open to Offers , Please contact me to discuss price. 57432863 Great Eagle Great Eagle, Early stage, lots of work to do , 57432864 Freedom "Freedom" the spirit of a horse , captured, A ghost like reality, the back ground is of my memories of total caring a farm in Pontypool , Available for Sale , Open to offers. 57432865 203808451 203808452 203808453 203808454 203808455